Managing Technology risk is now a business priority.


HackIT offers an array of security solutions at par with the industry requirements and standards, delivering cost-effective services that can be custom tailored and fine-tuned to meet every organization's requirement without compromising the quality.

Security Consulting and Advisory Services

Every new day arises with threats from both expected and unexpected sources – cyber-attacks on your network, lost or stolen devices and even malicious insiders. HackIT’s Consulting & Advisory services offers organizations the management experience and technical expertise required to address all aspects of a successful Information Security Program. Our Expert Team will help you in building a secure foundation. We do not work on false promises, “security can never be fool proof”.

Security Assessments and Audits

Just a single security breach is, all that is required to compromise your valuable data and shut down your systems and hinder your hard earned image and reputation. Come to us and we will help you choose the right solution to minimise your security risks.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment- Security test for compiling a complete list of vulnerabilities, wherein we look for known vulnerabilities in your systems and reports potential exposures. VA is critical in maintaining your information security, we will help you identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities and help you in understanding how damaging unpatched vulnerabilities can be for your high value assets and resources if left unattended. If you feel that you are not where you should be in terms of Information Security then get in touch with us.

Penetration Testing- In penetration testing vulnerabilities are used to launch an attack on systems/networks. PT helps in understanding the “outsider perceptive”, it gives a deeper visual into how an attacker would exploit various vulnerabilities. PT is a goal oriented process, the sole purpose of which is to break into systems. If you are interested in testing the strength/breakability of your defences then get in touch with us. We will help you in solidifying your security posture.

Source Code Review and Application Security

A vulnerable module within an application will have damaging implications on a company’s reputation and finance. It is easier to recode an unsecure block of code while it is still in the development phase, it is a highly recommended industrial practice. Our team of specialists will traverse through each and every blocks of code searching for loopholes.

Mobile Application Security Assessment and Security (iOS and Android)

The surge in mobile computing has to lead to increased penetration of mobile devices in business and personal use. It becomes increasingly difficult for companies to be fully accountable for—let alone monitor—the vast array of applications that have access to valuable corporate data. Workforce equipped with the right mobile applications will be more productive. Most organizations lack the means to ensure that mobile, and the data these devices contain, are secure. For enterprises, applications represent a serious threat vector. Our Team in HackIT will help you in setting up control points to mitigate the risk of a malicious applications coming into your environment.

Our services in this domain includes:

  • Architecture review and threat modeling
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Source code review

Forensics Services and Fraud Detection

Running a business is challenging enough without worrying about the impact of Fraud, impact of employee theft, misuse and other forms of unlawful acts on your organisation. Situations become more challenging when such incidence may keep recurring and cause irreparable losses for the organisation.

We have a team of professionals with the expertise to provide fraud risk assessments for corporates, which help them to identify and alleviate internal control vulnerabilities before an incident occurs

NOC / SOC Implementation and Consulting

Log management solutions offer critically important information in threat detection and knowledge sharing that can help IT operations better monitor their security. The Emergence of many applications spread across the social, mobile, local and the cloud environment within a company has made IT operations and safeguarding difficult. We at HackIT will help you in building a system that is comprehensive and resource optimized.

NOC and SOC , despite the similarities, serve two different purposes.NOC - responsible for the operational monitoring of infrastructure and services, it is about availability and performance. Functional priorities comprises of identifying, investigating, prioritizing and escalating/resolving issues that could, or do, effect performance or availability of critical resources. Primary focus is on meeting SLAs, application availability, Mean time between failures and application response time. Our NOC analysts have a reputation for being proficiency in network, systems and application engineering.

SOC- SOC is about security, responsible for offering protection against malware, safeguarding intellectual property and customer data, and ensuring that corporate information assets/resources aren’t misused.

Trainings and Capacity Building

We have carved a niche within the Information Security industry with our training packages, packages that are meant to prepare your team for the worst. HackIT provides world-class instructor-led hands-on training that can empower and equip your organization for the next level. With our quality, industry recognized trainers, up-to-date and current contents, and unique way of training delivery, our training has been accepted, recognized and preferred by many organizations internationally.

Our training domains include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Digital Forensics
  • Security Auditing & Compliance
  • Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering
  • Offensive Computing
  • Network Defense and Monitoring
  • Systems and Network Hardening
  • Web Application Security and Testing
  • Advanced Android and iOS Exploitation.
  • Mastering Python for Security Professionals.
  • Cyber Law and Legal aspects of Cyber Space

Managed Security Services

Protecting your enterprise from Cyber threats has never been this difficult with the risk of new targeted attacks emerging every day and the rate of change which continues to accelerate with every new attack, malware variants and vulnerabilities. You need to analyse if your organisation is keeping pace with all this.

HackIT’s experts aim on improving your security posture, reduce risk ad increase security effectiveness. Our systems help in closing new vulnerabilities, updating firewalls, restoring conceded data and getting your damaged systems back online. HackIT, in overall, plays a major role in securing what matters the most to you.

Compliance and Regulatory Standards

Regulatory compliance is not just about playing defence. It provides you an opportunity to constantly strengthen your organisation through strategic, proactive measures—such as best practices, employee training, internal controls, and benchmarking appropriate for your organisation.

HackIT helps you identify the risks which an organisation faces and helps you find a solution on them. Apart from that, we help you in designing and implementing controls to protect an organisation from risks, to monitor and report on the effectiveness of those controls in the management of your organisations exposure to risks, to resolve compliance difficulties as they occur and to advise you on rules and control.

Research and Development

Our network consists of domain specialists, specialized in multiple domains of the information security industry. If you are interested in associating with us for research, please do come to us.

Network and System Hardening

Many networks run by public and private organisations have experienced intrusions in recent years, and this cyber exploitation has resulted in an unprecedented transfer of wealth due to lost intellectual property. The threats to networks and systems exist across numerous components that include end user devices, servers and infrastructure devices. We will help you in hardening of operating systems while ensuring that the system is configured to limit the possibility of either internal or external attack.

Lawful Communication Interception

Lawful communications interception is HackIT’s dedicated service for law enforcement agency efforts to conduct thorough investigations and build evidence that is both acceptable and convincing. HackIT delivers this service adopting the lawful interception standards and regulations required to guarantee their client’s integrity and trustworthiness.

Techno Legal Consulting and Advisory Services

Today’s world is the most unaware about Cyber-crimes and its high time Enterprises think seriously about the challenges awaiting them in Cyber Space. HackIT has a competent group of Techno-Legal consultants who are well equipped to offer their Cyber –legal advisory services to all levels of Enterprises, be it small, medium or large. Our team provides you with guidance on Compliance defaults, Information Security privacy policies, IP violations, Software licenses liabilities and digital right protection and many other relevant services.

HR and Staffing Services (Info Sec Professionals)

We are dedicated to providing you with the right resources, right when and where you exactly need them. Our IT Staffing Solution comprises recruiters combined with experience, creativity and dedication which will help our Corporate clients secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component of success – “Human Resources with unmatched talent, skills and competencies”

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