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Authshield - Two Factor Authentication

AuthShield is a system where a second factor of authentication apart from the user name and password is required to authenticate the user and provide him access to the IT architecture.

Authshield authenticates and verifies the user based on

  • Something he/she has (e.g. mobile phone, land line etc)
  • Something he/she knows (e.g. user id and password)

The technology uses a dual mode of identification where a secure randomly generated one time password is displayed on the hard token (synchronized with the server based on time) or sent to the mobile number of the user or is conveyed to him via an automated call to his landline number. The One time password is generated using a combination of multiple unbreakable encryption algorithm. The algorithm generates an unbreakable one time password every time the user logs onto a DMZ (De militarized zone) as specified by the IT architecture

Eagle I - Internet Interception and Monitoring System

Powerful solution that captures and analyzes data flowing at high speeds with less than 1% data loss.

Can track –

  • Emails between suspects
  • Monitor Chat & VOIP conversations
  • Documents transferred over the Internet
  • Identify individuals in the region regularly visiting malicious sites, child pornography websites etc
  • Identify the pulse of a geographical region

Email Encryption

Encryption protects the privacy of the message by converting it from (readable) plaintext into (scrambled) ciphertext. The entire architecture is based on PKI infrastructure where Public Private Keys of users will be used to encrypt and decrypt the mails respectively. Any recipient without the corresponding private key would see only garbled text.

CRMS - Crime Record Management System (for LEA)

A unique and powerful Criminal Data Management System which can collate multiple raw data forms and bring them to a common platform. The data flow is managed by client server architecture.Provides an holistic view of all information available with LEA, and make sure that relevant and actionable information reaches the concerned authorities in real time..

Virtual private Network - VPN

A High-Performance IPSec Replacement, our SSL VPN is a breakthrough in secure network access that delivers the ease of use of SSL VPNs with LAN-speed performance. Our SSL VPN reduces costs and increases IT control by eliminating the configuration, management, and support complexities of IPSec VPN clients resulting in a significantly reduced total Cost of Ownership.

IntelelinX – Link Analysis System

Intelinks is the start-of-the-art Link Analysis software available in the industry. The software has been customized to match the needs of the Law Enforcement Departments to analyze and investigate any type of data including Call Data Records, Interrogation Reports etc.


A Mobile Application designed to prevent a crime from happening by giving a pre-defined danger signal to the nearest PCR Van which can then take the necessary action before the crime can take place. The application uses the location based technology that instantly tells us when and where something is going wrong.

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