At HackIT Technology and Advisory Services our primary focus is on enterprise specific security solutions and services that enable our clients to maintain and secure their digital assets to the best possible standards and quality. A comprehensive, current and cost-effective methodology is adopted and practiced to deal with the contemporary and complex security challenges.

HackIT empowers clients to concentrate on their business aspects by offloading the complexities of security practices and intricacies off their shoulders.

Security is all about being prepared for the unexpected

Advisory & Security Services

HackIT provides a wide range of Advisory and Security Services that can be custom tailored to meet the organizational requirements. Some of our services include Security Architecture, Source Code Review, Forensic Services and Penetration Testing.

Assessment, Audits and Compliance

HackIT can assist organization, assess their security posture and help them comply with the various regulatory and industry security standards. Our qualified and experienced consultants can work with the organization during each phase of the certification and assessment process.

Training and Capacity Building

At HackIT, we provide world class hands-on training covering the various domains of security, including both technical and Management part. Our flag-ship trainings include Mobile Security & Exploitation, Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering, VA & PT, Network Defence & Monitoring, Application Security and Digital Forensics.

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